About Us

eCyclers, LLC

eCyclers, LLC provides environmentally responsible processing services to guarantee the safe disposal of your outdated office electronics.

The following videos offer insight into the route many e-waste products take once they leave your office. At eCyclers, LLC, our strict chain-of-custody maintains control over your equipment from the moment we pick it up until it is safely, securely and responsibly destroyed by our personnel and subsequently delivered to a USEPA approved recycler. You can rest assured your equipment will never find its way to off-shore toxic waste sites like the ones discovered in the 60 Minute Following the Trail of Toxic E-Waste and CNN Report Sifting Through The Mounting Problem of E-Waste.

The Problem:

Rapid advances in technology can render your computers and monitors obsolete in three years or less; the resulting need for disposal of "e-waste" presents legal, environmental and data protection challenges.

The Situation:

With a mandate to keep our environment safe, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigates contaminated dumping sites, organizes the cleanup, and tracks down those companies responsible for creating the contamination. When they discover computer equipment disposed of improperly, the EPA examines asset tags and serial numbers in order to trace the equipment back to its original owners. Should those identifiers uncover equipment previously owned by your company, you will receive a significant fine.

The Solution:

Let eCyclers, LLC prepare an individualized program to safely, legally and responsibly dispose of and recycle excess and obsolete electronic components. Maintaining a strict chain of custody from the time we receive the equipment until it is totally and completely destroyed, our process tracks each item as it is degaussed, pulverized and shredded. The result— all data is securely and permanently removed from electronic storage devices, and your company is secure in the knowledge they are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.

eCyclers, LLC