Our secure data destruction services are helpful to a wide variety of businesses and industries. With technology becoming obsolete every few years, offices just seemed to be filled to the brim with devices that need to be cleared and replaced. Some of the industries we frequently work with include the following:

Government Shredding

Government Agencies

Government agencies at all levels must follow stringent privacy regulations in order to keep confidential information private. Our data destruction methods remove the possibility of data being restored or accessed from the device in the future. Manual deletion methods are simply not enough to prevent government records and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. We can ensure your data security meets all the latest privacy legislation requirements.

Medical Records Shredding

Medical Facilities

Most medical filing is done by computer these days, which means that data destruction is completely necessary in order for medical facilities to follow HIPAA laws. We can permanently erase, destroy, and recycle hard drives, computers, copiers, and any other devices that may contain confidential client information. If you do not choose DoD compliant data destruction methods, you put your operation at risk for hefty fines and punishments associated with any violations.

Legal Document Shredding

Legal Services

Most legal documents have retention periods, and you are required by law to securely destroy them after that period expires. This also applies to any documents saved on computers, hard drives and other electronic devices. In order to keep clients’ personal information safe and avoid legal penalty, you need to invest in professional data destruction.

Financial Document Shredding

Financial Services

Financial information is one of the first things that identity thieves target. Simply erasing bank documents or other information before getting rid of your computers or cell phones will not protect that information, and you could potentially be putting yourself or your clients at risk. Permanent erasure and disposal should be completed by certified professionals like the team at eCyclers.

Commercial Shredding


There is such a wide variety of sensitive information saved on CDs, DVDs, hard drives, etc. in any office or any business. If that information fell into the wrong hands, you as the business owner could face serious fines and penalties in addition to loss of revenue. Our team can help you identify which privacy regulations apply to your business and we’ll also help you achieve them. In the digital age, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to classified information.

Residential Shredding


How often do you find yourself replacing computers, iPads, and phones in your home? Throwing these items in the trash is both illegal and dangerous. If you have your banking information, security passwords, or account numbers saved in these devices, it won’t take long for an experienced criminal to find them. If you could use some help safely getting rid of old electronic devices, please call eCyclers.

To find out if we can help at your home or business, give us a call at 800-331-4025.