Disposal Options

With a mandate to keep our environment safe, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), investigates contaminated dumping sites, and tracks down those companies responsible for creating the contamination. The EPA examines asset tags and serial numbers and traces the equipment back to its original owners. Should those identifiers uncover equipment previously owned by your company, you will receive a significant fine, not to mention the accompanying negative publicity.

What are your options?


Are you wasting office space holding old equipment? Spending a yearly cost to keep it? Can that space can be better utilized? What about keeping the information that remains on old hard drives safe? Hanging on to old equipment just simply isn’t practical for any business.


Many donation centers only want the latest equipment, resulting in vast amounts of electronics being improperly and illegally dumped into the nation’s waste stream. Additionally, it can be hard to ensure that your personal information is permanently erased before these electronics switch hands.


Did you know that 70% of heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead) found in landfills come from electronic waste? And that an estimated 90% of excess U.S. electronic equipment is shipped to unregulated landfills worldwide? Dumping electronics simply isn’t an option.


If your equipment is dismantled and reused, critical data is often retrievable and software licensing agreements may be violated. Additionally, batteries and monitors contain elements that can be dangerous to the handler and the environment if broken during dismantling.

The Solution: Recycling

Let eCyclers prepare a program to safely, legally and responsibly dispose of and recycle excess and obsolete electronic components. Maintaining a strict chain of custody until all equipment is totally and completely destroyed, our process tracks each item as it is degaussed, pulverized and shredded. The result – all data is securely and permanently removed from electronic devices and your company is secure in the knowledge that they are compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

For more information on recycling your old equipment, give us a call at 800-331-4025.