Hard Drive Recycling
eCyclers’ pickup and recycling process is simple and efficient and follows the steps below. This process ensures all of our customers receive consistent results.

Step 1: Consultation & Scheduling

The project begins when a member of  the eCyclers team communicates with you or one of your team members to initiate a Statement-of-Work and to set a pickup appointment. In most cases, this happens electronically or via a simple phone call. For residential consumers, a Statement-of-Work is not required.

Step 2: Pickup, Collection, Transport & Invoicing

On arrival, eCyclers performs a basic evaluation and gathers your selected IT assets. When on-site data destruction is requested, our tech removes the data storage component if needed and renders it inoperable prior to exiting your facility or home. Our technician will enter all assets into an electronic database which is available by email to you prior to his or her departure. All materials are loaded for transport. Some payments are tendered immediately. Invoicing is common for commercial customers.

Step 3: Asset Disposition Auditing

All components arriving at our facility are inventoried again and checked against the onsite inventory completed by our technician. All assets are recorded by serial code.

Step 4: Data Destruction & De-tagging

In some cases, hard drives and information storage devices are removed. DoD-compliant data erasure procedures are conducted. Destruction can include physical destruction, magnetic degaussing, low-level formatting and/or drilling. Any and all corporate asset tags are removed if requested.

Step 5: Recycling Processing

Obsoleted and scrap assets are bundled and transported to eCyclers’ third-party recycling partner for final processing. We do not remarket, resell or otherwise re-distribute any components.

Step 6: Certificates of Destruction Generated

After notification of destruction, Certificates of Destruction are generated. Copies of these documents are kept on file by eCyclers and electronic copies distributed to the customer. These certificates can also be downloaded on-demand through our customer portal.